MAP Strategies Group is a change engineering consultancy specializing in company transformation, integrated messaging, digital strategy, innovation acceleration, diversity and inclusion, relationship management, and international economic development. Our proprietary MAP Method translates empirical data into actionable, segment-based, strategic solutions to grow businesses and transform organizations.

At the heart of transformation is courage. For individuals, businesses and communities.

We believe one person can make a difference, every single day. We help focus that purpose and guide a mission-driven leader to help change their life, their organization or their community. 




Glenn Hamer of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Duncan Wood of the Wilson Center, Glenn Williamson of CABC and Mi-Ai Parrish of MAP Strategies Group discuss the value of strong tri-lateral trade.

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How we help

We don't do everything, but we are incorrigibly helpful with work about which we're passionate. Here are some ways we're helping our clients be the best version of themselves.

MAP Media

Digital media planning
Innovative media startups
Brand development and public relations
Magazines and content marketing creation
Public speaking and speech writing

MAP Leadership

Executive coaching and talent development
Board governance and leadership growth
Strategic advisement
Economic development consultation
Public speaking and speech writing

MAP Social Impact 

Diversity and Inclusion programs and training
Purpose-driven branding
Topical thought-leadership
Personal brand development
Public speaking and speech writing



We believe in the power of building a hope-filled future through meaningful collaboration.

With deep understanding of complex community issues and bi-partisan relationships, MAP Strategies Group can help translate business questions into thoughtful solutions.

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and MAP Strategies Group CEO Mi-Ai Parrish at a Sandra Day O'Connor Institute Board meeting.

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We understand how to build productive, lasting relationships on an international stage. 

Helping build and grow businesses, make conducive connections and accelerate growth are key to MAP Strategies Group.

MAP Strategies Group CEO Mi-Ai Parrish, former U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios and Marco Antonio Slim open Aldea Digital, the world's largest digital conference, in Mexico City. 

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Explore the possibilities with MAP Strategies Group. Let's talk. Because innovation needs direction.

MAP Strategies Group CEO Mi-Ai Parrish speaks on media innovation and digital transformation at the world's largest digital conference in Mexico City.

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