Our mission is to help your purpose to flourish. We've been called do-gooders. We're good with that. In fact, we're great with it. 

Transformation can only happen by design. At MAP Strategies Group, we're obsessively curious. We dig into the research. We ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully. We help guide a hope-filled and productive outcome for individuals, businesses and communities. 

We met as idealistic young journalists, committed to making a difference in the communities we serve. We've kept that obsession, that purpose-driven passion, and built innovative, inspirational, successful solutions for businesses in a multitude of situations. 

Today, with decades of not-always-easy, real-time challenges, we're all about helping you and your enterprise unravel those what-in-the-world-just-happened questions, accelerate the we-almost-have-it ideas, build the we've-got-this inspirational storyline and help your purpose to flourish. 

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Mi-Ai Parrish

Mi-Ai Parrish


Over the years, Mi-Ai has been an editor, president and publisher of large media organizations, but more than anything else, she is a transformational leader. She brings people together and ideas to fruition through change engineering, thought leadership, innovation integration and brand management. She's created new companies, and reorganized others. She presents leading edge ideas, yet listens intently. It's part of the MAP magic.

She was the president and publisher of the Pulitzer-Prize winning Arizona Republic/AZCentral.com, part of USA Today Network, but also led expansive media organizations in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Boise, San Francisco and elsewhere. She currently serves as the Sue Clark-Johnson Professor for Media Innovation and Leadership at Arizona State University, which has been named the Most Innovative University in America four years in a row. She is passionate about sharing and exchanging ideas about business transformation, digital innovation, as well as women and minority issues in leadership. She also offers her proprietary MAP Method for business acceleration and improvement through the MAP Strategies Group. Our team addresses the most challenging business issues and creates smart options for effective and positive change.

Mi-Ai was awarded the coveted 2017 Athena Award for leadership as private-sector Businesswoman of the Year, an honor that embodies all that she stands for – leadership, mentorship, community service and business excellence. It's a potent combination. Additionally, she is a 2018 Ocotillo Award winner for Legislative Advocacy, was named one of the 100 Most Important Minority Journalists of the Last Century, Asian Corporate Entrepreneur and Leaders (ACEL) Corporate Leader of the Year, and PSA Behavioral Health Champion of the Year, award-winning content marketer, two-time Pulitzer Prize juror, four-time Pulitzer-Prize finalist, 2018 Pulitzer-Prize winner, and an award-winning writer and speaker. She serves as chairwoman of the Poynter Institute, vice chairwoman of the Banner Health Foundation, secretary of Greater Phoenix Leadership, and on the boards of Common Sense Media, the Arizona Community Foundation, Sandra Day O'Connor Institute, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, the Center for the Future of Arizona, the Ford Foundation’s Take the Lead, UNITY: Journalists for Diversity, The Zanjeros, among others.

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Mark Nothaft

Mark Nothaft


As a longtime business and content strategist working with traditional and start-up media and consumer companies throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, Mark Nothaft shapes verticals and moves entities forward, having led messaging and content teams within the aviation and transportation industries, travel and tourism, banks and finance, information technology, commercial real estate, the energy sector, food and beverage, public affairs/governance, associations, and sports and recreation. His keen understanding and synthesis of customer needs results in transformative outcomes that has led to millions of dollars in incremental revenue for companies.

He has lent his expertise to a host of prominent companies including Northern Trust, Gannett, Loews Hotels, the Jack Nicklaus Companies, Bar-S Foods, Stratos Media, Starwood Hotels, America West Airlines, Tribune Newspapers, the Arizona Golf Association, the United States Tennis Association, Salt River Project, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Travel Age, the Maricopa County Home and Garden Shows, Media Partners Publishing, the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance, GalaxSea Cruises and Tours, Cities West Publishing, among others.

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David Parrish

David Parrish


David is a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter. He helped uncover a deeply unscrupulous fertility clinic's practices that lead to sweeping legislative change and protections for women. His investigation was featured in documentaries and extensive news coverage, breaking ground in a then-nascent health technology. His work has help change and save lives, and to bring justice and positive change in communities. David spent more three decades unraveling complex issues and uncovering secrets as an investigative reporter for operations ranging from the Los Angeles Daily News and San Francisco Chronicle to the Orange County Register and Arizona Republic. His award-winning work uncovered government fraud, unscrupulous sheriffs and medical malpractice. He is considered a top investigator and interviewer. He's renowned for quickly sifting through complex documents to find the relevant connections. David can take a divergent set of information and find the connection and relevance to build cohesive strategy from the details.

The entities below have called on MAP Strategies Group to accelerate change…


STEVE COPAS  I  Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator
A Chicago native and loyal Bears fan, Steve Copas has spent the past 20 years graphically telling stories for Gannett, The Producers, MAP Strategies Group and others, designing both consumer and B2B campaigns across many industries including health care, telecomm, energy and transportation. 
CARL BEZUIDENHOUT  I  Graphic Designer
Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Carl Bezuidenhout is a seasoned art director and graphic designer having worked in the Phoenix area for nearly two decades. He has designed everything from glossy sports magazines to newspaper inserts to a hardbound book commemorating the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
JAKE JOHNSON  I  Photographer & Videographer
As a seasoned on-location, commercial photo and video specialist for more than 15 years, Jake Johnson is one of the most sought-after photography professionals in Arizona, having led imaging teams for the Arizona Department of Commerce, Gannett and the City of Maricopa.
WADE MORAN  I  Photographer
Wade Moran is the proprietor of Moran Imaging of Phoenix. Certified in the Professional Photography Program of the New York Institute of Photography, his experience includes portraiture, sports events, product photography, and theatre across the Valley of The Sun.  He is on staff at AZ Golf Insider Magazine and acted as photographer-in-chief for the 2014 issue of Republic Media's Who's Who in Business.  
ELIZABETH RAMSEY  I  Event Coordinator
Events specialist Elizabeth Ramsey has spent the past 15 years coordinating discerning get-togethers for as few a 50 guests to grand galas of more than 3,000 at fine local properties such as The Phoenician, Talking Stick Resort, the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, among others.

Additional MAP Strategies Group associates include business research analysts, legal experts, analytics and information technology specialists, big-data scientists, artists and videographers, media planners, copywriters and other specialists. 

Because innovation needs direction.


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