Our promise

We will help you uncover your greatest gifts, focus them to best use, and help craft your unique, inspiring narrative to help your purpose to flourish.

Our approach

Our proprietary MAP Method translates empirical data into actionable, segment-based, people-centered strategic solutions to grow businesses and transform organizations.

We offer a holistic approach to get everyone moving in not only the same direction, but the most productive one. Building a strategy that unites operations, management, structure, leadership and communications and results in a culture that makes a difference.

We start by listening, investigating and analyzing. We are disciplined and creative. We are logical and intuitive. We seek to have the best outcome for our partners -- to help set them on a path to a productive future. 

We excel at taking disparate, complex issues and translating challenges into accessible communication that is relatable, understandable and inspirational for organizations and individuals.

We accelerate transitions, growth and change through meticulous attention to developing and acting on focused priorities we define, moving everyone in the same productive direction.

We build concise, authentic external communication that clearly conveys the successful transformation externally.   

And here's what makes this special: We combine a deep understanding of people's habits with real-deal investigative reporting and emotional connections and increased understanding through authentic storytelling and powerful communication strategies.


Led by the Media Innovation and Leadership Chair at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, MAP Strategies Group is partnering with a first-in-the-world international commerce and customs entity to create leading-edge messaging and marketing services that establish a strategic vision and authentic storyline for unprecedented growth. Additionally, MAP Strategies Group is helping to develop an international cybersecurity institute in partnership with Arizona State University, voted Most Innovative University in America for three straight years.


Media support and consultation for Aldea Digital (Digital Village), an annual initiative by the Telmex-Carlos Slim Foundation´s Program for Education and Digital Culture, is provided by MAP Strategies Group team members. MAP's expertise in multimedia content and storytelling enhances the three-week event designed for entrepreneurship training and educational opportunities. MAP Strategies Group CEO helped lead a public-private partnership to create a region's first community college. MAP Strategies Group members worked with AZCentral Food & Wine Experience in Scottsdale, AZ, to bring together different constituencies and business entities in one seamless marketing, education and entertainment interface with the public.


The MAP Method created an integrated, data-driven, targeted, multi-media perception campaign for an international client. This award-winning content marketing, social media, digital-audience targeted program drove unprecedented results and earned international attention. It created a brand from scratch in a narrow time-frame, reaching multiple audiences, from C-level executives to political influencers.


MAP Strategies Group members have transformed organizations to create diverse, open, transparent cultures through people-centered team collaboration. MAP Strategies Group CEO Mi-Ai Parrish has keynoted presentations on national and international stages on innovation, leadership, digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, as well as published work read by millions around the world. Her writing on inclusion, diversity, inspiration and courage have garnered international media attention