MAP Strategies Group members have developed new businesses and revenue streams for industries in massive disruption, such as developing and growing the largest music, technology and film festival in the Midwest for The Kansas City Star. MAP Strategies Group members have helped companies face challenging situations in creative ways, such as imagining, brokering and building the newspaper industry's first printing consolidation with a competitor, investing jointly and saving both companies millions of dollars in salary and capital investment. This became a model for an entire industry.


MAP Strategies Group members spearhead the communication efforts of the Arizona Golf Association via its quarterly journal, AZ Golf Insider, facilitating sales, messaging, production and distribution for the organization's 50,000 members. Broadened marketing product and partnership base to incrementally improve Association's overall financial balance sheet. MAP Strategies Group members created a comprehensive regional branding campaign and built a five-year strategic vision with public-private collaboration.


The MAP Method created an integrated, data-driven, targeted, multi-media perception campaign for an international client. This award-winning content marketing, social media, digital-audience targeted program drove unprecedented results and earned international attention. It created a brand from scratch in a narrow time-frame, reaching multiple audiences, from C-level executives to political influencers.


MAP Strategies Group members have transformed organizations to create diverse, open, transparent cultures through people-centered team collaboration. MAP Strategies Group CEO Mi-Ai Parrish has keynoted presentations on national and international stages on innovation, leadership, digital transformation, diversity and inclusion, as well as published work read by millions around the world. Her writing on inclusion, diversity, inspiration and courage have garnered international media attention.